500ml waisted PET bottle

Handwash product packaging for Pollena Ostrzeszów’s brand Biały Jeleń

500ml PET Handwash bottle

This 500ml PET bottle for hand wash with a pump is a bespoke creation.  From initial consultation with Pollena Ostrzeszów to final manufacture, we managed the whole project to meet the complete satisfaction of brand owner Biały Jeleńdesign.  With meetings to discuss the initial concept, the customer was consulted at every step of the process.  Our design team offered a range of solutions to fit seamlessly within the existing product range.

The complete design and manufacture of this bottle is by Madrox in Poland.  We used a single stage ISBM process to create an attractive 500ml bottle with rounded contours.

We offer a unique product management system from start to finish.  We have design and manufacturing capabilities throughout the UK and Europe.

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