plastic bottles

Why our customers choose plastic for their bottles

  • Widely recycled; both kerbside and industrial collections
  • Cost-effective with speed to market
  • Energy-efficient to manufacture, transport and recycle and therefore have a low carbon footprint
  • Lightweight and impact-resistant with excellent top-load strength
  • Available in limitless shapes and sizes
  • Adaptable to suit a range of caps and closures.
food category

Product examples

Food products for example sauces and dressings, olive oil, honey, drinks. Personal care products for example liquid soaps, shampoos and conditioners. Homecare products such as DIY, disinfectant, washing up liquid, detergents, fabric conditioners, surface cleaners. Bottle trigger sprays, bottles with handles, and in a variety of sizes.

We can manufacture bottles made from PET, rPET, HDPE, rHDPE, PP, LLDPE.


Our plastic bottle material options

Outline of a stag

“Robinson has proved itself a highly adept packaging partner.”

James Sharpe, Owner and MD, Fabulosa