Introducing our expertise

Introducing our expertise

From our factory in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, we deliver projects according to the high standards expected of our customers. Whether it’s small order quantities or large volume contracts, short term or long term, standard or customer, we deliver premium solutions for even the most technically demanding constructions with the strictest tolerance control.

Fully automated rigid box production

Fully automated rigid box production

Our rigid box production is a fully automated operation, from the earliest stages of prototyping through to the production of the rigid boxes themselves. This continual investment in software and machinery brings a number of benefits for our customers:

  • The certainty that we are committed to working in the most efficient way, not only today but tomorrow
  • A guaranteed high level of quality and accuracy from the very first step of our state-of-the-art die-cutting and prototyping production
  • Our ability to swiftly respond to consumer demands as and when they change
  • Confidence that your packaging will be produced in the shortest of lead times.
die cutting machine

State-of-the-art die-cutting

Once the paperboard has been printed on a state-of-the-art Heidelberg 7-colour printing press, we die-cut and crease the board using the Bobst die-cutting process.
Our high-speed folding and gluing line then glues the packs together.



The complexity and value of the end product will dictate the type of prototype most suitable for the project:

  • The plain prototype which offers a white, constructional sample
  • Digital proof which offers a physical prototype but at a modest cost
  • Wet proof which matches as closely as possible to the end product.

Our track record in investing in technical capabilities and machinery to support our customers continues. Our DYSS X5 digital die-cutting and prototyping machine offers precise and reliable, state-of-the-art Korean technology. It can knife cut, V-groove and even crease across greyboard, foam and corrugated board.
As well as die-cutting, our DYSS machine makes easy work of high-speed small-run prototyping and short production runs.
It’s this blend of technology, expertise and working with only the most reliable of British suppliers and printers that means we are able to work to an impressive two-week turnaround, creating added value for your packaging needs.

A trusted supplier

Folding carton capabilities creating any shape imaginable

We’ve been trusted as a supplier of folding cartons since 1892 when we first installed a folding box line at our Chesterfield factory. Our processes may have become more advanced and automated since those early days but what hasn’t changed is our talent for making packaging both beautiful and functional.

Our ingenuity in folding cartons is such that we can offer any size, colour and shape. Our fully automated process allows us to develop even the most complex multi-point packaging. We use the latest software and machinery to carry out full performance testing before committing to full production.

Our design team can advise you on the most appropriate finish for your folding carton, including foil blocking, embossing, debossing, film lamination and UV screen varnishes. Particularly popular with our luxury beauty and confectionery customers are our tamper-evident security features.

book jackets

Book jacket production

Our book jackets come in a range of opening styles, usually in three or four panels.

Our design team will work with you to identify the most appropriate format for your product. This includes advising you on the differences and benefits between a three-panel and a four-panel jacket, and on the insertion of magnets to create a weightier closure. They will work with you to select the most appropriate finishes such as film lamination and UV screen varnishes.

Where there are a number of variations to the contents, the addition of an oversleeve is a clever way of creating packaging for new campaigns or sub-brands without the expense of creating bespoke book jackets.

folding carton

Case Study
NEOM Organics

NEOM Organics chose to work with Robinson primarily for two key reasons: the flexibility we offer in our supply, and our long-held experience and credibility for developing sustainable products.

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“Robinson understands the importance of listening to and focusing on our needs.”

Genevieve Holdsworth, Director, Holdsworth Chocolates