Laundry bottles

laundry bottles

A trusted partner

The busy consumer’s laundry bottles must encompass all the functionality they expect to tackle the job at hand. Fast-paced lifestyles mean products that are easier to lift and handle, easier to dose, and that avoid spillage and waste will always win in the battle to capture product performance and brand loyalty.

At Robinson, we’re known for our honest and straightforward approach to how we do business and how we work with our customers. If we think your design concepts won’t wash, we will tell you. Importantly, we will work to find your ideal, custom-made alternative.

It’s why we’re trusted to partner on even the most challenging of product designs across laundry, as well as other homecare products such as bathroom and kitchen cleaning, dishwashing, and air care.

Creative packaging solutions

Our ongoing programme of innovation ensures we are continually reducing the weight of our products without compromising their robustness. Reducing the weight and amount of plastic used in our packaging is but one way in which we are putting our steadfast commitment to sustainability into practice.

Of course, even the most lightweight bottles require an ergonomic design. We are skilled at creating HDPE and PP laundry bottles with integrated handles in all sizes and shapes, and with a wide choice of caps. We work closely with our customers to create packaging solutions that are suitable for all, including those who may have limited strength or dexterity in their hands.

Our extensive knowledge

We have a long history too in dispensing and dosing which ensure contents can be applied precisely and handled safely, while at the same time avoiding any spillage or wastage.  With our extensive knowledge across all forms of plastic packaging containers and fittings, we are perfectly placed to manufacture the entire product: from the container itself to its cap or closure. This complete solution brings significant benefits for our customers of one consolidated supply chain and its associated economies of scale.

We’re proud to be the trusted partner for leading FMCG companies across Europe, offering a range of laundry bottles from 1 litre to 3 litres in size, and incorporating many different dosing features. Our personal care bottles range from 50 ml – 1.5 litre and are a popular choice for bath cream and shower gel bottles. Integrated handles are offered as an option for our 1.5-litre bottles.

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