Transparent beauty jars

Transparent beauty Jars

Beauty shines through great packaging design

Robinson works with some of the world’s most well-known beauty innovators.  Often, our customers seek to create high-quality packaging but at a price that is affordable to a mass market and that takes into account day-to-day application by the consumer.

Using our in-depth understanding of applying the right materials and moulding process, we are able to meet these exact commercial requirements in a number of ways, including on a range of jars from 75ml to 200ml.

Prestige look, universal appeal

Firstly, our jars are high gloss and transparent, made from PETG that is not typically used in the personal care and beauty market. They are the perfect partner to luxury beauty products, allowing the colour and texture of the contents to shine through. It means consumers can get a true appreciation of the product before even opening the jar.  Where preferred, we are also able to add an opaque masterbatch in the colour of choice.

Compared to other material such as glass, our injection-moulded thick-walled jars are shatterproof and lightweight. They are more cost-effective and have a lower carbon footprint.

Secondly, their wide mouths offer the optimum of ease in the everyday application of their contents.

Thirdly, they include IHS lining for safe and hygienic transit and storage.

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