Plant fertiliser bottle

Plant fertiliser bottle

Pick of the crop for plant fertiliser

Liquid fertiliser is a product that needs to be applied with precision; too much leads to the rotting of plant roots and the yellowing of leaves. It is also a product where contact with the skin needs to be avoided.

One particularly popular Robinson solution involved the manufacture of a specially formed dosing chamber. This consumer-friendly feature removes the need to pour the liquid into a separate container in order to measure dosage. It reduces the risk of spillage – which not only offers protection to the consumer but reduces product wastage too.

It also includes a visi-strip which allows the consumer to measure out different doses according to plant type and size. This feature is also popular for other liquid where the precision dosage is necessary such as engine oils in the automotive industry.

In creating the bottle we opted for our extrusion blow moulding (EBM) process. This offers a significant advantage to the customer of low investment cost due to the simplicity of the mould.

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