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Your sustainability partner

Sustainable packaging is rightly attracting a groundswell of consumer interest but it has been a steadfast Robinson principle since our earliest days. We are highly proficient at marrying sustainability with the best in product protection, functionality, quality, aesthetic appeal, and of course production efficiency.  
Our technical experts embed sustainability into the design, future-proofing it by using post-consumer recycled material (PCR), designing for recyclability, lightweighting, with lower carbon emissions. They are also adept at delivering solutions that are competitive and compatible with your manufacturing processes.

Why choose plastic packaging?

  • Product safety and protection

    Plastic is hygienic, has high barrier properties and protects products from contamination. Different plastic polymers hold different features and benefits, and we can help you select the material that is the most appropriate to protect your product throughout the supply chain, and ensure it achieves the required shelf life.

  • Consumer safety and security

    Unlike alternative materials plastic is shatterproof and not prone to breakage or rust. These inherent properties are what make plastic a safe material for our customers and retailers to work with. Safety features such as tamper evidence (TE) and child resistance closures (CRC) are easily incorporated.

  • Lightweight and robust

    Plastic packaging is very lightweight with excellent resistance to impact. With one of the lowest carbon footprint of packaging materials, they require less energy to manufacture, less fuel to transport, achieve more units per pallet if stackable and require less energy to recycle back into valuable raw materials.

  • Versatility

    The range of different plastics creates infinite opportunities in shape and structure. They can be moulded to create a variety of shapes and features that cannot be achieved with any other material. Plastics have a high strength to weight ratio, offering excellent durability even with the thinnest of profiles.

  • Functionality of design

    When plastic is processed it is heated and becomes flexible or even a liquid. This feature of the material allows our designers to create intricate design features such as integral handles on bottles, angled necks, tamper-evident tabs, live hinges and multi-compartment packs.

  • Conservation of natural resources

    Plastic packaging is designed to be recyclable and can be made from high amounts of recycled material. Most plastics can be recycled and reused multiple times. We are actively increasing our use of post-consumer recycled material in our packaging and using plastics that are widely recyclable.

Outline of a stag

“We know that their pragmatic approach will always find the most commercially appealing solution.”

Geraldine Carolan, Senior Buyer – British Pepper and Spice Ltd

How we work



We are refreshingly real, straightforward and trusted. We keep our customers in the know and invest in customer relationships for the long term.



We are nimble and work responsively to keep on track. We roll up our sleeves and get stuck in, quickly bringing concepts to manufacturing reality.

Knowledge based


We are expert in adaptive innovation, transforming designs and bringing them to commercial reality with the speed of execution.



Our structure means you have direct access to all decision-makers. You can rely on us to think outside the box, create solutions and get things done.


Geographical reach

The location of our sites maximises our logistical reach to deliver cost-effective solutions to support our customers locally.


Sustainable focus

Many businesses are aligning themselves with sustainable values, while such principles have been embedded into Robinson from the beginning.