180-year knowhow in personal care

It may be nearly two hundred years since we developed our first pillboxes but our in-depth understanding of packaging continues by giving customers our full attention. It is how we repeatedly exceed the expectations of a consumer market that is ever more discerning in its choice of skincare and body care products, cosmetics and fragrances.

Sector Beauty and Personal Care

Accessible beauty for all

High-profile personal care brand campaigns have redefined beauty. Beauty as wellbeing. Beauty as self-love. Beauty is confidence. There’s a drive to make personal care products accessible for all. That includes making products easy to open and use for those who may live with reduced strength or dexterity whilst ensuring tamper evidence and, where needed, child-resistant packaging.

The availability of brands in smaller-sized packaging is also appealing; no longer simply as travel companions but to allow consumers to take advantage of lower unit prices when trying out new ranges.

Here’s how we are supporting our customers

Jar selection

Building brands with longevity

Whether your brand is prestige or masstige, we can tailor a packaging solution accordingly. Our design teams work hard to ensure that your packaging reflects your brand and your brand alone. We are expert in extending your brand’s iconic design into its packaging, for example by including a pattern synonymous with your name through the addition of clever debossing, embossing or embellishments.

Simple range

Transparency builds trust

When it comes to personal care, today’s beauty consumers are savvy and ethically aware. They expect transparency of message when it comes to the ingredients in their products, as well as on the sustainability of packaging

Transparency too is reflected in the plastic packaging itself. We work with brand owners to create luxury applications of transparent PETG that look like premium glass but at a fraction of the price.

Tresemme Range

Creating aesthetic appeal

Labelling and decoration need to be memorable and vivid. The growing popularity of e-commerce means that brands need to stand out as much in the online environment as they do on the retail shelf. Packaging needs to be both lightweight and resistant to damage in transit to ensure the consumer receives their product intact without damage.