Homecare packaging

Functionality, convenience and cost. Homecare products must fulfil a number of functional requirements. They must be easy to open while also being child-resistant and offer protection from product contact where needed. Easy to dose and dispense. Easy to store. They must offer all that at the most competitive price.


All-encompassing packaging

The range of products in this sector is as extensive as its consumers’ requirements. Consumers expect excessive packaging to be removed and single-use plastic to be reduced. Packaging products need to be robust, not only for the journey home from the supermarket but for direct transit when purchased online. For products requiring careful handling such as bleach, oven sprays and liquid laundry capsules, consumer protection is paramount.


Built with function

Consumers expect all functionality to be encompassed in the core product. Handles as part of the product that is easier to lift and hold. Trigger sprays or aerosols as part of the cap. Automatic dosing. They expect their products to be leak-resistant.

Marrying sustainability with functionality and appearance

Marrying sustainability with functionality and appearance

Sustainability is at the heart of our business with our ideas on improving the environmental and protective credentials of a product always at the forefront, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Sustainable products are only ever truly successful if they hold longevity and long-term appeal. That means ticking all the boxes of our customers’ requirements and that of their customers and consumers.


Radox bottle

Custom manufacture

We recognise that your requirements may be quite different from others. We work hard to ensure we fully understand what you’re looking to achieve and that we deliver according to even the most exacting of requirements. Bold and distinctive shapes that block well on the retail shelf. Products that stack easily and that make full use of pallet space. Development of lighter yet stronger products. Contracted or compressed packaging to reduce the volume of material used. The latest revolution in dosing. A requirement to fill bottom-up or bottom down.

Whatever’s on your wish list, we thrive on making challenging designs and aspirations a manufacturing reality.

Outline of a stag

“Robinson has supported us at every step of the way in aligning our packaging to our brand.”

Omar Warrak, Supply Chain Project Manager, WD40 Company