PET hand wash bottles

PET hand wash bottle

A customised creation in hand wash bottles

Companies seeking even greater stand-out shelf appeal for their hand wash turn to Robinson for its innovative and diligent approach to manufacturing custom-made packaging.

With our heritage in plastic packaging, we are trusted to transform designs, bringing them to market with speed of execution, and being highly responsive in integrating new technologies into existing processes. Our expert team have either worked closely with or in FMCGs and other leading brands. It’s this in-depth understanding of the needs of large companies, married with our agility as a smaller business, that means we are impressively fast paced in helping our customers sprint to market.

One example of our custom creations is our 500ml hand wash PET bottle with pump. While it is produced at our Minsk  plant in Poland, one of the benefits of our European-wide operation is that we can draw on support as and when needed from our design and technical teams in Europe and the UK.

As is the case with all our customers’ projects, we applied robust project management to the entire process, from stakeholder meetings to discuss the initial concept, to regular consultation and the creation of a range of solutions to put to key decision makers.

Opting for a single-stage injection stretch blow moulding (ISBM) process enabled the creation of a highly attractive bottle, incorporating perfectly rounded contours.

ISBM is primarily used to manufacture products where uniform shape or wall thickness is particularly important. It combines the benefits of two technologies in one: the highest neck precision which can be partnered with blow moulding’s extensive possibilities in shaping. It also ensures high breakage resistance and is a process comparatively low in cost.

Our knowhow in such projects extends, of course, to our choice of materials.

In the case of our 500ml hand wash bottle, we often opt for PET since it’s a strong yet lightweight material and is widely recyclable. It is also crystal clear, putting the variety of  handwash colours and fragrances firmly on display.

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