Food and drink packaging

Consumers look to food manufacturers to provide safe, convenient, products protected in fully functional, sustainable packaging. In turn, food manufacturers come to us to find solutions through packaging design and materials that keep pace with these demands.

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Packaging food with new ideas

Trends in food and drink are ever-evolving. We’re working from home and cooking more and are more mindful of healthy eating, food safety and food waste. Our fast-paced lifestyles demand convenient products. We have a hunger for seasonal foods all year round which means food is required to travel long distances. There’s also greater mindfulness about plastic itself in terms of its functional requirements, sustainable credentials and its impact on the environment. As the global population grows, these demands will only increase.

Here’s how we are supporting our customers

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A food packaging manufacturer of choice

Why have food manufacturers trusted us with their brands for decades? Our packaging solutions, quite simply, evolve alongside the brands we support. Whether we’re working with one of the world’s consumer goods giants or a smaller, challenger company, we are committed to helping our customers deliver more, both quickly and efficiently.

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Commitment to quality and food safety

Our UK and Poland factories are BRCGS certified and our recycled food-grade polymers meet the exacting food standards legislation of any country in the world.

Our technical team are expert in choosing which processes, technology and materials are best suited to your project. They are adept at developing packaging that protects contents from external factors such as humidity, light and heat, and help extend the food shelf life.

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Innovation in sustainability

We help food manufacturers take the lead on sustainability in their industry such as offering them expert advice on introducing food-grade post-consumer recycled material (PCR). We improve the recyclability of their packaging through material choices or by replacing carbon black with detectable colours. We develop innovative closures to reduce food spillage and waste. We lightweight products for a lower carbon footprint and reduce the amount of material used in packaging while maintaining performance.

Learn more about our sustainability credentials

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Exceptional functionality as standard

The aesthetic shelf appeal of a packaged food product is important but when a product doesn’t work well, the consumer market is unforgiving. Our technical experts listen to all you wish to achieve in your food packaging and packaging components – whether that be making it tamper-evident, child-resistant, or easy to open, dose and dispense – and developing packaging that will truly build brand loyalty.