jars range

The details

Depending on the specific application jars can be made by injection moulding (IM), injection stretch blow moulding (ISBM) or extrusion blow moulding (EBM).

Commonly used polymers are PET, PP and HDPE, all of which are recyclable.

In some cases, additives such as UV inhibitors provide the jars with special functional properties.


Beauty and personal care

Product examples

A range available for food and personal care and beauty, to include single-walled cosmetics jars, double-walled cosmetic jars, wide-mouth PET jars, small PET jars for home baking, and herbs and spices, HDPE jars for laundry care.

Outline of a stag

“The recyclable PET jar together with the weight saving has helped increase the environmental profile.”

Cake decorations, Food customer