Luxury gift packaging

There’s a strong emotional connection associated with luxury goods and gifts. They are our reward when we feel we deserve a treat. They are our declaration of affection to loved ones. That connection starts with the packaging. How it looks, how it feels, what it promises. A product’s packaging is the start of the story that brings a brand to life.

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We help our customers to deliver the perfect gifting experience

We help to tell that story whenever high-end, premium packaging counts. We work with companies that are looking for a prestige solution with flexibility, quality and the most competitive offering. Our packaging houses some of the globe’s most well-known and loved luxury gifts including Confectionery, Food & Drink, Cosmetics & Fragrances, Board Games, Multimedia and Telephony.

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Conscious consumption

Consumers buy brands whose values are aligned to their own. Growing consciousness about how packaging impacts the environment is influencing purchasing behaviour like never before.

Our customers rely on us to develop the latest in sustainable packaging solutions. We’re able to deliver on that through our long-standing commitment to only using paperboard comprising 100% post-consumer recycled material (PCR) and which is fully recyclable.



Proud to be British

We’re also proud to be a British company with a 180-year pedigree. For our customers, we provide peace of mind that we are able to respond quickly to changing demands. For their customers and for consumers, we provide certainty that the package is sustainable with the environmental impact of transportation is kept to a minimum.

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Good things (also) come in small packages

Making products available in smaller packages, of course, increases their portability but it also makes your product affordable to a new consumer audience who are looking to discover new brands.
From smaller boxes and lids to folding cartons, we are highly skilled in developing more compact packaging while retaining all the brand features displayed on their larger counterparts.

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A sensory experience

Through artful packaging design, we help deliver a heightened sensory experience to your consumers. From the most eye-catching illustrations and innovative shapes to velvety, soft-touch varnishes, our expertise in visual and tactile stimuli ensure your brand is ever memorable.