Bathroom freshener

Bathroom freshener

Bringing the freshest ideas to bathroom fragrance

Toilet fresheners need to fulfil a number of requirements. Even distribution of fragrance after every flush. Child-resistant. Easy to install and keep clean. Aesthetically appealing. They must offer all that at the most competitive price.

We work with customers across Europe to make their challenging designs and aspirations a manufacturing reality. It’s a role we’ve fulfilled with consistency and pride over the course of our 180-year heritage.

One such project is the development of a 60ml segment shaped toilet bowl freshener for a global leader in cleaning products. The bottle needed to fit snugly and hygienically under the rim of the toilet, offering optimum performance on every flush. Where a product has such a unique shape – in this case, broad width and narrow depth – it makes it technically challenging to manufacture.

Intricate design

In instances where such intricate design is required, it’s our in-depth understanding of moulding processes that helps to create products of exceptional performance. Our customers trust in us to research and devise the best options, customised to their precise needs. Visiting our customers’ filling line is an important part of this process; allowing us to validate our recommendations and ensure our manufacturing processes are perfectly compatible with theirs.

Due to its virtually limitless application, injection moulding is the perfect choice for uniquely shaped toilet bowl fresheners. Since the component parts are moulded together with precision and a high-quality finish, it negates the need for any further processing. Our toilet fresheners are made from PET which is widely recyclable. They can also be made from rPET, an increasingly popular material for customers wishing to develop their sustainability credentials.

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