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Club class for critters!

Wazp Brand have established themselves as a leading supplier of Wax Worms in the UK. Their purpose-built factory in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, services both retailers and distributors.

They are committed to producing a premium live product that must be protected through the supply chain, which can stretch as far as Europe and North America. The design of the packaging supplied by Robinson – a pot with a vented IML decorated lid – is a key part of the success of this supply chain.

It was their desire to provide only the very best quality in live products that led to them choosing Robinson as their packaging supplier.

Together is stronger

We first established our partnership with Wazp Brand in 2017. As a family-run British company, they sought to work with a British packaging manufacturer that shared their values in delivering the highest-quality products with honesty and integrity.

Our status as an independent company means we can be swift in our decision making to invest in bespoke tooling on behalf of our customers. We offer this investment in return for a customer’s commitment to choosing us as their packaging supplier for an agreed period of time. This level of autonomy and our agile approach to business is unique and something that larger PLCs are not able to offer. It’s a valuable approach to collaboration that forms the basis of a truly synergistic working partnership with Wazp Brand.

Our partnership has since gone from strength to strength. So much so, that, thanks to Wazp Brand’s introduction to their sister company in the USA, we are now exporting packaging for fishing bait & bird feed to North America.

Our live bait packs have been specially designed to ensure that the contents are delivered in perfect condition. The incorporation of air vents keeps the product fresher and in the supply chain for longer. Added to that, the feet on the container base ensure there is a gap between the pots when they are stacked, allowing adequate airflow when the live bait is in the supply chain and on retail shelves.

The container and lid are both manufactured from fully recyclable mono layer PP.

A complete pack solution: from top to bottom, inside and out

The introduction of an in-mould label onto the lid enhanced the customer’s brand identity on pack. It also simplified their packing process, allowing for dated ink jet equipment to be removed and packing line speeds to be increased, as the bar code was also incorporated into the label design.

“Flexibility and consistency in packaging production are both critical in sectors like ours which are seeing significant growth. Over and above the quality and functionality of the vented tubs, Robinson has provided significant added value in its role as a reliable and highly agile supplier. They hold stock on our behalf which we are able to call upon at short notice. This stock-holding arrangement offers us all the benefits of buying in bulk but without the challenge of storing the full volume ourselves. It’s the perfect model, allowing us to react at speed to fluctuating customer requirements. Added to that, Robinson actually help manage our inventory and stock control. Ours is a truly strategic partnership.”

Daniel Gilman, Director, Wazp Brand