Having the bottle to lead in disinfectant

Fabulosa Ltd is a family-run business based in Crewe, Cheshire. It manufactures multi-surface, ready-to-use disinfectants under the ‘My Fabulosa’ brand. It chose to partner with Robinson as it needed a reliable supplier that could provide a custom-moulded PET bottle from tooling that is dedicated to supplying only their filling lines.

My Fabulosa exploded onto retail shelves in 2019 after the Owner and Managing Director, James Sharpe, identified a gap in the disinfectant market for a greater variety of highly performing disinfectant products. This ability to tap into consumer needs has seen the brand grow exponentially in its first years of operation.

For a start-up manufacturer in a rapidly expanding market, the most accessible supply options are the most compelling. Fabulosa was no exception, being forced to source several different pack formats to meet growing demand. This naturally created issues in terms of operational efficiency and brand identity.

Customised bottle design for optimum performance

We quickly developed a customised bottle design that could be introduced on Fabulosa’s existing filling line and that would work with the existing cap and trigger spray dispenser.

Fabulosa’s decision to move from standard bottles to a customised bottle made on a dedicated production cell has also enabled us to incorporate additional functionality, bringing commercial benefits for Fabulosa in other ways. Introducing a UV inhibitor to the bottle material is particularly compelling since it helps to extend the product’s shelf life.

Dedicated bottle and production capacity

With Robinson being an independent company, we can be swift in our decision making to invest. In Fabulosa’s case, we committed to a state-of-the-art production cell, dedicated to manufacturing bottles for the My Fabulosa brand.

This level of autonomy and agile approach to business is unique and something that larger Plc’s are unable to offer.

Our investment means that Fabulosa, a thriving company, has the peace of mind that their supply chain is entirely secure, reliable and simplified to one bottle design. With the sharp focus on hygiene and cleaning which has been brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, our partnership will see the development of more production cells and tooling that will keep pace with demand from Fabulosa’s growing army of fans.

“Robinson has proved itself a highly adept packaging partner. They helped design a bottle that couples stand-out shelf appeal with optimum performance for the consumer, as well as on our production line and through the supply chain. The Robinson team has provided a streamlined packaging product that has run successfully from the first supply, eliminating the complexities and complications that come from sourcing different bottles from different suppliers. In fact, we did not have to adjust our production lines in any way. Having dependable, stable supply as well as dedicated capacity is critical in ensuring we achieve our growth aspirations. Robinson’s philosophy of supporting brands with dedicated production cells is a perfect fit for this ambition.”

James Sharpe, Owner & MD