Holdsworth Chocolates

rigid tray and sleeve

The chocolate experience starts with a beautifully crafted box

Holdsworth’s beginnings may have been entirely humble when founder, Barbara Holdsworth, started making chocolates from a small unit in her hometown of Bakewell, Derbyshire. 30 years on, a steadfast belief in the appeal of British handcrafted chocolates has gained the company a world-class reputation with chocolate lovers and high-street and online retailers alike.

Beautiful chocolates, of course, demand the most beautifully made designer boxes. Holdsworth’s dilemma was to find a supplier who could design and manufacture luxury packaging but without being prohibitively expensive. At the same time, they sought to develop their credentials in sustainable packaging. Their perfect partner proved to be fellow Derbyshire business, Robinson.

We first began supplying Holdsworth ten years ago. At that time, they were still operating in a small unit and hand-making their chocolates from scratch.

We were able to support them in three key ways:

  • Our stockholding solution

For many small manufacturers making the switch from standard to luxury packaging, the cost advantage of buying in bulk is highly appealing.  The problem lies in storing these large quantities.

Where our customers have limited space, we’re happy to hold the stock on their behalf. It also means we can be highly responsive in terms of supply. Since the stock has already been made, the customer can request it whenever needed. The certainty of delivery within a 24- hour period (as opposed to waiting 2-3 weeks for a further production run) is both reassuring and appealing to companies like Holdsworth that need to be agile in their response to seasonal peaks in demand.

  • Introducing box sleeves

Including a sleeve as the surround to a rigid box allows the product to be branded for a particular occasion or seasonal promotion but without the need to adapt the box design itself. The packaging may be instantly recognisable as Holdsworth but the introduction of a new design, message or colour on the sleeve creates novel appeal.

  • Beautifully crafted sustainable boxes

Both Robinson’s and Holdsworth’s sustainability goals for circular packaging solutions are achieved as our boxes and lids – as well as being beautifully crafted – are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paperboard and are widely recyclable.

Over the years and as the company has enjoyed exponential organic growth, Holdsworth’s designer packaging has evolved in step with the brand itself. Foil embossed rigid boxes and lids continue to be the packaging of choice for its flagship collections and are on proud display at some of the UK’s most well-known high-street and online retailers including Selfridges, John Lewis, Amazon and Moonpig.

Once we’ve established a relationship with a customer, we’re keen to look at how new packaging solutions might match their wider brand strategies.  A recent example is when we developed folding carton gift bags and clam packs which provide the perfect companion to Holdsworth’s truffles and cremes.

“Robinson has been with our company at every step of its most exciting evolution. We knew from how quickly Holdsworth built up its loyal following that we had something we could offer on a much larger scale. As our channels to market have expanded, so too has our product offerings. Whether it’s the smallest of gift bags or one of our collection boxes, it’s important that the packaging is unmistakably Holdsworth and represents all that our customers expect of our brand: quality, elegance and luxury.

In Robinson, we’ve found a packaging partner who is unfailing in its support. Like us, they’re a family-owned business with strong company values. Most importantly, they understand the importance of listening to and focusing on our needs.”

Genevieve Holdsworth, Director, Holdsworth Chocolates

Holdsworth certainly knows how to deliver the chocolate ‘experience’, and that starts with commissioning a beautifully crafted Robinson box…