Building a happy and healthy culture

Looking after our people is crucial to the sustainable future of our organisation. We want our people to thrive by investing in them, helping shape their careers and supporting their health and wellbeing. We are committed to paying a living wage to all employees which can help in supporting a decent standard of life. Robinson will be known as a safe, productive and attractive organisation with a happy, dedicated culture – where ideas are generated from all levels of the business.

People development plan by 2023

We will bring together a future-fit workforce

Our new People development plan is a structured, disciplined approach with programmes to support and develop our people and teams. We are targeting full implementation for all employees by 2023. Our Robinson Academy will help us manage the training and development of people within our business with career opportunities and promotion from within, enabling everyone to thrive.

Prioritising our people

Prioritising our people

It is vital that we retain and attract the best people. Our People development plan will help us make the ideal culture a reality.
To gain a better understanding of our culture, Robinson ran a survey of our entire workforce that compared our current position against some of the world’s most successful businesses. The results identified our strengths, such as employee commitment and a calm workplace, and drove specific action plans targeting opportunities for more teamwork, engagement and empowerment. Our People development plan focuses on several comprehensive programmes, each with measurable indicators, including:


  • Employee engagement to understand what our people care about
  • A diversity plan to ensure that we bring in a variety of perspectives and backgrounds, generating diversity in thinking
  • Rewards and recognition to celebrate the contributions of all our teams. We also introduced employee perks schemes, bringing employee benefits, wellbeing and recognition together
  • Investing in training while creating career pathways to enable professional development in knowledge and skills.

Zero accidents every year

Putting safety first, always

We want all our employees to go home safely – that is our top priority. We are applying a safety-first culture, focusing on achieving zero accidents in the workplace by implementing formalised, behaviour-based safety programmes, encouraging our people to report near misses and carrying out on-the-job checks through 30-second assessments.

Aiming for zero accidents

Aiming for zero accidents

As a business, health and safety depend on active risk management by all. Through our health and safety strategy, we have set commitments and metrics, supported by an implementation plan:


  • Culture change – our managers lead by example, sharing best practice, engaging with their teams and communicating expectations
  • Active training – we’ve increased manager and employee training, supported by risk management and assessments and root cause analysis and action trackers
  • Monitoring and measuring – we record, report and investigate all incidents: from near misses to minor incidents and lost time accidents. In addition, we implement internal and third-party audits, on-the-job safety checks and report against our objectives
  • Positive reinforcement – we motivate our people, listening and acting on their recommendations, recognising the right behaviours, holding personal safety checks, observational safety walks and encouraging transparency throughout the business.

Champion employee health and wellbeing

We care for each other in times of need

Our communications and engagements with our people during the Covid-19 pandemic have been critical. Through our products and services, we continue to meet the hygiene, safety and food security needs of people while ensuring the utmost safety of our employees.

Protecting employee health during the pandemic

Protecting employee health during the pandemic

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we have prioritised keeping our people safe while supplying our customers with essential packaging for food, hygiene, personal care and homecare products. Our teams have worked tirelessly, providing reliable services to meet customer demand. We are all proud of the difference Robinson has made.

Our robust management programme includes onsite audits with continuous employee engagement. Unplanned assessments from health and safety authorities recognised our diligence. For all employees, we offer private Covid-19 testing (results within 24 hours), medical cover, access to a doctor, personal protective equipment (PPE) and guidance on how to protect themselves and others in and out of work. We also support those feeling isolated.

We prioritised our employees’ wellbeing, giving them extended time with their families over key holiday periods. During the Easter break, we offered vouchers to ensure that employees enjoyed good food and provided a longer time off work and gift bags at Christmas.

A closer look at our five pillars of sustainability