AuditOne Certification achieved by Stanton Hill


What is AuditOne™ Certification?

The AuditOn Initiative is driven by the Foundation for Strategic Sourcing (F4SS). It seeks to develop a uniform and harmonised set of quality standards and audit processes for the industry. This certification confirms Robinson’s high-quality standards and provides confidence that one audit meets the requirements of multiple customers. AuditOn carries an additional 40 clauses and builds on the requirements of the BRC Packaging standard.

Steve Haley, UK Managing Director, says:

“Such a fantastic achievement by the team and a huge signal to the packaging industry that Robinson are at the top of their game.”

Which companies are involved?

AuditOne was launched in cooperation with Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, L’Oreal and Estee Lauder. P&G stated their intent to purchase only from suppliers certified to BRC and AuditOne. So with that in mind, we accepted and rose to the challenge.

Tony Grainger, Quality Advisor, says:

“Currently there are only 6 companies within the UK and 72 worldwide that have achieved this recognition.”

BRC Global Standards

The Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials was released in 2002. RPP Kirkby being one of the first companies to achieve BRC Certification in September 2002. Since then, there have been a series of updates (2004, 2006, 2008, 2011 & 2015). We are currently on Issue 5, with Issue 6 imminent (August 2019). Every update brings with it new challenges and an opportunity for Robinson to improve still further.

The Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials is the first GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) packaging scheme to be bench-marked. It is often a specified requirement by leading retailers, manufacturers and foodservice organisations worldwide. Many of its requirements also fit with our ISO9001 certifications.

280 Clauses to meet

The BRC Standard has approximately 280 ‘clauses’ that need to be met. There are often several requirements within each clause. It covers almost every department within the organisation. From Sales, Design, Supplies and services, Manufacturing, QC, Maintenance and Engineering, Customer Services, to Warehousing and Dispatch. Our internal compliance audits already include every clause to help keep us on track.

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