Issued share capital

The total number of Robinson plc ordinary shares of 0.5p each in issue as of 27 January 2021 is 17,687,223.

Shares held in treasury

The total number of shares held in treasury as of 27 January 2021 is 1,073,834, constituting 6.1% of the company’s share capital.

Shares not in public hands

The total number of shares not held in public hands on 27 January 2021 was 2,540,473, constituting 14.4% of the company’s share capital.

Share restrictions

There is only one class of share in issue and there are no restrictions on the voting rights attached to these shares or the transfer of the securities of the Company.

Executive share option scheme

There is an executive share option scheme that allows for up to 10% of the issued share capital to be granted at the prevailing share price at the time of the grant. Further details can be found in the latest Annual Report.

Directors’ shareholdings

The directors together with their interests in 0.5p ordinary shares in Robinson plc, were as follows:


31 December 2020

31 December 2019

Guy Robinson  



Anthony Glossop  



Alan Raleigh  



Sara Halton  



Mike Cusick  



Helene Roberts  



No director had any interest in the shares of any other Group company.

Significant shareholdings

Persons with a shareholding of over 3% in the Company as of 27 January 2021 were:

 Total shares  %
C W G Robinson           1,212,601 7.3
S J Robinson              685,645 4.1
R B Hartley              654,191 3.9
R A Shemwell              598,791 3.6
S C Shemwell              534,091 3.2
S E A Hardy              525,191 3.2
H G Shaw              515,191 3.1
J C Mansell              500,000 3.0