Share information

Robinson plc has one class of shares in issue –
0.5p ordinary shares.

Net Issued Share Capital16,613,38983
Authorised Share Capital 70,000,000 350
Issued Share Capital17,687,22388
Treasury Stock(1,073,834)(5)

Shares not in public hands*
Substantial shareholders0%

(* all figures calculated as percentage of Issued Share Capital)

There is an executive share option scheme that allows for up to 10% of the issued share capital to be granted at prevailing share price at the time of the grant.

There are no Company restrictions on the transfer of shares. The shares are only traded on the London Stock Exchange AIM securities market. The information on shares and shareholdings has been disclosed pursuant to Rule 26 of the AIM Rules for Companies.

Last updated 21st December 2017


Substantial Shareholders

Shareholders who own more than 3% of the issued share capital (excluding Treasury Shares) are required to notify the company if and when their shareholding increases or decreases through any single percentage point.

Substantial ShareholdersHeld PersonallyHeld by AssociatesTotal%
Other Significant ShareholdersHeld PersonallyHeld by AssociatesTotal%
Charles William Guy Robinson1,159,635-1,159,6357.0%
Susan Janice Robinson741,655-741,6554.5%
Rebecca Bradbury Hartley654,191654,1913.9%
Ruth Alison Shemwell598,791598,7913.6%
Stephen Charles Shemwell534,091534,0913.2%
Sarah Elizabeth Ann Hardy525,191525,1913.2%
Heather Gillian Shaw515,191515,1913.1%
Jane Crawford Mansell500,000-500,0003.0%
Directors’ ShareholdingsHeld PersonallyHeld by AssociatesTotal%
Charles William Guy Robinson1,159,635-1,159,6357.0%
Adam Jonathon Formela309,944-309,9441.9%
Charles Compton Anthony Glossop35,000161,922196,9221.2%

Last updated 11 May 2018