Creating a high-quality prototype helps to make informed design decisions and significantly reduce the time to market.
We offer three options to suit every budget and timeframe:

1.      Vacuum casting. Offering the shortest turnaround, vacuum casting creates smaller-batch samples for early design feedback and iterative development.

2.      Stainless steel and aluminium tooling. A fast and affordable way to generate high-volume samples in final grade materials for filling trials and market testing.

3.      Pilot tooling. Where component samples are needed that closely match the product created from full-scale tooling, hardened steel pilot tools are the perfect option.

Our pilot tooling allows assembled products to be shown and tested. Has the right wall thickness been chosen? Do the different components work together? Are the cooling and heating systems working to expectation? Since we house a wide range of pilot tools in our factories, they can easily be adapted for new projects which helps to reduce turnaround time. The samples can be used for filling line validation, regulatory testing, consumer testing, and even initial market launches.

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