Product design brief and consultancy

Product design brief and consultancy

We are a technical business. We take concepts, designs and even existing products and show you how to technically analyse and develop them.

Through our highly consultative approach, we will advise you on selecting the most appropriate moulding process. We will support you in choosing the right material. We will implement new technologies so, together, we can achieve an even greater sustainable design. It is, after all, development in technology and equipment that have allowed us to introduce food-grade, recycled PET to our packaging.

Over the years, our customers have challenged us to make the most intricate and complex designs a manufacturing reality. Even where there is no technical specification for an existing product, we have the technology and expertise to reverse engineer what’s required.

It is an innovative approach that’s found in our processes, our people and our products. Since our inception in 1839, we’ve secured a patent for disposable nappies, designed the first Little John Smartie Tube and worked with countless other brand owners to launch today’s most well-loved household products.

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