Market research, and customer and consumer insight

Market research, and customer and consumer insight

We deliver the market intelligence needed for you to make the right commercial decisions about your packaging.
We use qualitative and quantitative research methods to analyse market, customer and consumer trends and data.
We can answer the questions that give you valuable insight into your market’s evolution.

Packaging research

  • What are the current trends in packaging?
  • How are the plastics, polymers and paperboard materials of tomorrow being developed?
  • What are the latest developments in sustainable practice and post-consumer recycled material (PCR)?
  • How are software and technology creating advances in new packaging products?
  • How does your packaging compare to that of your established and challenger competitors?

Consumer research

  • What are the trends in food, personal care & beauty and homecare markets?
  • What makes a consumer loyal to a particular brand?
  • What do your current customers think about your brand and where do they see improvement?

Our role is to coordinate and facilitate various forms of consumer insight by collating data through on-line surveys, questionnaires, feedback, reviews and focus groups.

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