Re-energising our business

We will leave a positive footprint

We set ourselves the challenging goal in line with the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference to become net carbon positive by 2030. This means we will create environmental benefits by removing additional carbon emissions from the atmosphere.

After mapping our energy use for our UK operations, we are now running a much more detailed and comprehensive exercise to determine exactly where and how much energy we are using. We will quantify this data as emissions to help identify further carbon reduction opportunities.

As part of our manufacturing excellence and energy and carbon reduction targets, we will continue to invest in the latest energy-efficient and low carbon equipment and machinery. For example, we have installed 10 new hybrid injection moulding machines in our Stanton Hill and Kirkby-in-Ashfield sites, delivering up to 40% energy and associated carbon savings compared to hydraulic machines. We also changed the water cooling system at our Kirkby-in-Ashfield site, replacing it with a significantly more efficient system that uses the energy recovered to heat the warehouse, and have implemented the latest LED lighting in all of our UK factories.