People development plan

We will bring together a future-fit workforce

Our new People development plan is a structured, disciplined approach with programmes to support and develop our people and teams. Our Robinson Academy will help us manage the training and development of people within our business with career opportunities and promotion from within, enabling everyone to thrive.

It is vital for Robinson that we retain and attract the best people. Our People development plan will help us make the ideal culture a reality.

To gain a better understanding of our culture, Robinson ran a survey of our entire workforce that compared our current position against some of the world’s most successful businesses. The results identified our strengths, such as employee commitment and a calm workplace, and drove specific action plans targeting opportunities for more teamwork, engagement and empowerment. Our People development plan focuses on several comprehensive programmes, each with measurable indicators, including:

  • employee engagement to understand what our people care about most;
  • a diversity plan to ensure that we bring in experiences from a variety of perspectives and backgrounds, generating diversity in thinking;
  • rewards and recognition to celebrate the contributions of all our teams. In addition, we have introduced employee perks schemes throughout Robinson, bringing employee benefits, wellbeing and recognition together; and
  • investing in development and training while creating career pathways to enable professional development in knowledge and skills.