Making our buildings more sustainable

We will build sustainability from the ground up

We believe that our buildings must be sustainable, particularly in terms of energy and water use. We are developing a protocol for Robinson properties and buildings, adopting LEED or BREEAM principles wherever possible. To ensure our sites meet our requirements, we will regularly audit them all, implementing actions and calling for investment when required.

We have been taking a sustainable approach to the development of our second factory and warehousing in Kirkby-in-Ashfield. Among the approaches implemented, we have:

  • improved the factory structure, replacing old cladding with highly insulated cladding that is very energy efficient;
  • planned to use air sourced heat pumps, providing renewable energy heating;
  • used LED lighting throughout and adopted natural light where possible; and
  • reviewed alternative renewable energy options for power generation, such as solar panels.

As we develop the new facility it will become our blow moulding centre of excellence, enabling increased efficiencies within the business and helping us meet our strategic goals in sustainable operations and manufacturing excellence.