Pioneering our food-grade recycled packaging together

We have joined forces with the NEXTLOOPP project to deliver a world-first supply chain model to close the loop on food-grade recycled polypropylene (PP).

Managed by environmental consultants Nextek, the project forms a consortium of expert organisations across the PP and food supply chain, including Robinson, a major user of PP. As a business, we will only meet our sustainability goals if we make transformational changes and create a clear pathway to a circular model, in which we produce food packaging that includes sustainably sourced, recycled PP derived from mechanically recycled food packaging.

Over the next two years, the project aims to develop and demonstrate innovative sorting technology, prepare protocols, implement the sorting and mechanically reprocess PP as a food-grade raw material in packaging.

As a company dependent on PP, Robinson will be involved in trials and tests to ensure the recyclate produced meets the technical specifications and functional needs of packaging products for our customers and their customers.

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