Balls for Cans’ project

Can recycling project supports local football team

Our team in Poland is on a mission to recycle over 900 cans in support of the ‘Balls for Cans’ project.

What is the ‘Balls for Cans’ project?

The project is being led by the RECAL Foundation together with the Ministry of Sport and Tourism to encourage the development of a sustainable society. For every 15kg of cans collected the project donates high-quality footballs, volleyballs and other equipment to support outdoor activities.

Why is the project important?

All the cans collected will be recycled, giving them a new lease of life and supporting a circular economy. Alongside this, the RECAL Foundation promotes the benefits of recycling and why it’s so important. One of the reasons why recycling is important is that it reduces waste and allows us to get the most from natural materials.

Who will we support?

All of our recycled cans will help to support a local football team, Tęcza Soccer Club in Stanisławów. For every 900 cans we recycle they will benefit by receiving a high-quality football. As a business, we are passionate about supporting our community and developing sustainable products. You can find out more about our sustainable plans in our sustainability brochure.

How can you get involved?

More information about the project can be found on the Pitki Za Puszki website and how you can get involved.