Safe working at Robinson

Safe working at Robinson

A video message from the  Robinson Management Team presented by Robinson CEO Dr Helene Roberts:

“It is important to us and we know it is important to you that OUR staff safety comes first. Which is why we have been working tirelessly to implement very extensive additional safety measures within all our factories and warehouses during the coronavirus pandemic.

We have taken a lot of practical measures to ensure that our staff who come into work for us, feel completely safe – and work in a safe environment.

We have spent 2 weeks reworking our factories and warehouses to be in line with the Government Guidance and latest COVID-19 recovery strategy – it is safety before productivity. So here are some of the measures we’ve taking to ensure we are all working in a safe environment.

We have made sure that we have made it easy for our people to observe the 2-meter rule to stay a safe distance apart.

We have staggered entry times to reduce any crowding as shifts start.

There is a one-way system around the plant – so no-one needs to get too close whilst walking around the plant.

There is a lot of signage – as reminders to ensure everyone remembers the importance of distancing.

We have marked the floor to help ensure our team leave the right amount of space between themselves and their colleagues.

People need to ensure they can wash their hands regularly, so we have provided more sinks for easy and fast access whilst keeping a safe distance.

We have increased the space in the canteen areas to help keep everyone at a safe distance when on their breaks.

There are a lot of sanitising stations, so you are never too far from being able to keep your hands clean.

Equipment is sanitised regularly, so we know it is clean – and even safer – to handle.

That goes along with increased cleaning of surfaces and handles in all areas to keep the working environment as virus-free as possible.

And thorough hygiene procedures throughout our facilities.

So, you can see we have done as much as possible in going the distance to deliver a suitably safe distance between staff.

All of us at Robinsons hope you are staying safe too.”