Robinson supports My Fabulosa’s rapid growth


Robinson supports My Fabulosa’s rapid growth

Chesterfield, UK – September 2021 – Robinson – the manufacturer specialising in value-added custom packaging – is partnering with leading fragrance brand My Fabulosa to meet their rapid growing consumer demand.

My Fabulosa exploded onto retail shelves in 2019 after the Owner and Managing Director, James Sharpe, identified a gap in the disinfectant market for a greater variety of high performing disinfectant products. This ability to tap into consumer needs has seen the brand grow exponentially in its first years of operation, overtaking well-known brands with their innovative products.

To support consumer demand, My Fabulosa partnered with Robinson, a leading sustainable packaging company, to meet their rapid growth requirements while providing a sustainable solution. The bottles are a custom-made 500ml round PET bottle which can be easily recycled through kerbside collection.

Sharpe said: “Robinson has proved itself a highly adept packaging partner. It has helped to design a bottle that couples stand-out shelf appeal with optimum performance on our production line and through the supply chain.”

My Fabulosa’s products are stocked in over 20 retailers across the UK from well-known retailers Asda, Aldi and Ocado to B&M and Fab Finds. They recently started exporting to Europe selling My Fabulosa products through B&M in France.

“The Robinson team has provided a streamlined packaging product that has run successfully from the first supply, eliminating the complexities and complications that come from sourcing different bottles from different suppliers. In fact, we have not needed to adjust our production lines in any way. Having a dependable, stable supply as well as dedicated capacity is critical in ensuring we achieve our growth aspirations. Robinson’s philosophy of supporting brands with dedicated production cells is a perfect fit for this ambition.”

Due to increasing demand, My Fabulosa earlier this year also invested in new premises located in Crewe to keep up with their growing market share and popularity amongst consumers.

Steve Bell, New Business Development Manager at Robinson, said:

“With Robinson being an independent company, we can be swift in our decision making to invest. In Fabulosa’s case, we committed to a state-of-the-art production cell, dedicated to manufacturing bottles for the My Fabulosa brand.

“This level of autonomy and agile approach to business is unique and something that larger plc’s are unable to offer. Our investment means that Fabulosa, a thriving company, has the peace of mind that their supply chain is entirely secureand reliable, with packaging being manufactured from a dedicated production cell. With the sharp focus on hygiene and cleaning which has been brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, our partnership will see the development of more production cells and tooling that will keep pace with demand from Fabulosa’s growing army of fans.”


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