Robinson launches sustainability pledge

sustainability pillars

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Robinson – the manufacturer specialising in value-added custom packaging – has announced the launch of its ambitious sustainability pledge.

The pledge outlines a range of commitments underpinned by their strategic priorities focused on putting the customer first, sustainable growth and thriving people.

CEO Dr Helene Roberts says this the blueprint for Robinson’s future-fit business. She says:

“We have a role to contribute to sustainability and regenerative growth, which we view as key drivers with great opportunities for our business and the industry.

Sustainability is about capacity for now and the long-term: meeting social and environmental needs without compromising the ability of future generations to thrive and prosper. In an industry where our products are used every day, we understand that we must make the most of the resources we use while meeting consumer needs in food and product protection. Our aim is circularity: to recover, regenerate and restore all products and materials at the end of their useful life.”

Sustainability pillars infographic

Lubna Edwards, Sustainability and Marketing Director, is managing the rollout of the Sustainability Pledge, based on five pillars and 15 ambitious commitments:

  • People – helping people thrive and building a happy and healthy culture, with goals to include implementation of a comprehensive people development plan, zero accidents every year, and championing employee health and wellbeing.
  • Regeneration – extracting the maximum value from resources used in all operations and recovering and restoring materials and resources at the end of their life. Goals include zero waste to landfill, becoming net carbon positive and implementing principles for sustainable buildings.
  • Intelligence – creating sustainable products and services and partnering with customers to contribute to building a circular economy by applying purposeful design, using recycled materials and designing packaging for recyclability. Goals include virgin plastic reduction, maximum recycled content and all products to be fully recyclable.
  • Transformation – driving shared commercial value and income streams beyond current business models and collaborating with customers and partners to regenerate local circular economies. Goals focus on sustainable business environments, greener spaces and habitats, and offering reusable products.
  • Community – delivering real tangible social and environmental benefits to local communities, educating the next generation of change-makers and bringing more sustainable initiatives to the areas in which the business operates. Goals include offering career-enhancing work experience and opportunities, engaging educators and students on the benefits of packaging and recycling and giving back to communities.

Lubna says:

“I am delighted to launch our Sustainability Pledge which strengthens our ability to deliver packaging with purpose. It supports the delivery of our company purpose which is to go above and beyond to create a sustainable future for our people and planet. It is an ambitious pledge but one I am confident we will achieve with the support of our people and partners.”

Click here to read our Packaging with Purpose Sustainability brochure


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