Reflection on the pandemic and plans going forward

Reflection on the pandemic and consumer shopping habits

Reflection on the pandemic and plans going forward

It is no secret that demand for food was high when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Supermarket shelves were bare and panic buying set in. Not only was food in high demand, but this had a domino effect on the packaging industry to support this peak in consumer changing habits.

Robinson packaging in response to this had to take huge steps to meet customer demands. Helene Roberts, CEO at Robinson, said:

“We have serviced our customers throughout the pandemic, invested heavily in new equipment and have simplified and standardised our business processes to create a consistent one-Robinson approach.”

Helene continued:

“We were able to react quickly to meet the demand. Strong partnerships are critical to understanding our customer’s markets, plans and needs. In the face of many challenges, we have achieved a revenue growth of 6% and remain committed to further growth ahead of the market this year.”

Alongside the pandemic, Brexit was also a challenging time for many, but it had minimal impact for Robinson’s due to their responsive and flexible nature, risk management and extensive planning put in place to ensure resilience in the supply chain.

Robinson has plans to keep pushing forward and continue to invest, Helene said:

“During 2020, we introduced a significant amount of change to the business and our focus in 2021 will be one of consolidation, extracting full value whilst taking the opportunity to refine our business processes and to introduce key elements of digitalisation. We have acquired Schela Plast in Denmark. This investment is part of our growth strategy to build on our bespoke, customised model, offering a complete packaging solution, from cap to bottle.”

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