Interview with Morten Jeppesen

Morten Jeppesen

Interview with Morten Jeppesen: The drive for consumer-collected recycled plastic

Recently our Danish Managing Director, Morten Jeppesen, did an interview with Magasinet Plast to talk about the latest successful project of new plastic packaging made from 100% of Danish household-sorted plastic waste. The article focuses on the journey, the challenges that had to be overcome, and the strength that came from collaboration with other experts in the field.

“Our strategy was about us turning more towards the customers and focusing on what they wanted instead of sticking to what we could deliver. And on the basis of that, we decided that our new goal should be, to become a leader in recycled plastics within our field.”

“Our ambition is that at some point we can say 100 percent of the products we supply are made from recycled plastic. In three years’ time, our target will be 75 percent, and we will definitely keep going in this direction,” says Morten Jeppesen.

You can read the article in Danish online on the Magasinet website, alternatively, you can download the translated (English) PDF.