A hot favourite for soup pots

hot favourite soup pots

Injection-moulded soup and sauce pots and lids

There are a number of reasons why global giants and challenger brands in soup and sauce trust in us to create their packaging solutions.
It starts with our absolute focus on keeping their needs and those of their consumers firmly at the heart of product design. This means close cooperation with the customer at every stage to  ensure we take account of these requirements – for example, reducing the weight of the pot – without affecting its functionality.

We manufacture our pots and lids using high clarity polypropylene (PP) which is the ideal polymer to provide strength for microwave reheating, providing strength, avoiding distortion, and offering safer handling when the food is hot.
Consumer research carried out by several of our customers confirms that the pot and lid format is much more popular than coated paper cartons or flexible pouches due to resealability, ease of handling when microwaved and hot, as well as visibility of food product.

We have been an active player in the chilled soups and sauces sector for over 15 years. Our innovative approach to optimising both the pack and manufacturing processes has enabled us to develop lightweight pots that still maintain excellent hot-fill performance.
Robinson has continued to invest to support our customers, including dedicated production cells. Fast decision making has helped us to expand moulding and label decoration capacity as market demand has grown.
Our range of injection-moulded, thin-walled PP pots and lids are particularly popular because they solve a number of customer and consumer challenges. They are:

  • lightweight; less material and energy is used in the manufacturing process; transport costs are lower, and the amount of plastic entering the supply chain is reduced.
  • tamper evidence and easy-to-open, snap-fit lids. Even consumers with limited dexterity can access the product with minimum fuss
  • robust enough to cope with hot filling (75-90 degrees), blast chilling and, finally, microwave reheating by the consumer. Our special design of the vented lid also prevents panelling of the pots after the chilling process
  • high-speed in-line post mould labelling and in-mould labelling decoration options.

We are a packaging supplier that never stands still. It’s one of the defining values in a heritage built up over almost two centuries. Our continual commitment to improvement – in functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability – has earned our place as one of the leading UK-based suppliers of chilled soup and sauce packaging.