Robinson bowls boost chilled ready meals

Robinson bowls boost chilled ready meals

As 46% of all ready meals eaten in Europe are consumed in Britain, it’s not surprising that their popularity is growing. The total market has risen by 1.2% (£37.5m) in the past year and premium dishes are pushing this growth. Consumers want the taste of high-quality home-cooking in faster, more convenient options.

The chilled category is largely responsible for improving public perception of the ready meals sector. They have amassed an additional 2.5% over the last twelve months and continue to grow. By attracting consumers to purchase premium meals by using high-quality, fresh ingredients, brands and retailers are helping to fulfil the growing demand for healthy, convenient products.

So how big a part does packaging play in this category? As packaging stimulates consumer perception and helps to communicate the value and quality of products, it has had a huge impact on the success in ready meals. 1/3 of the UK population believe that if product packaging is premium and of high quality then the product inside will be superior too.

Attractive design aesthetics and refreshing outdated and uninspiring packaging are now more important than ever. With our in-house creative and industrial design team and 3D printing technologies, this is a specialist area for Robinson Packaging Innovation. Our product designers are constantly researching and working on custom designs that help our customers deliver premiumisation.

A recent success story is the two new bowls Robinson designed and manufactured for Asda’s healthy chilled ready meal range. Custom injection moulded in ultra-clear PP, with laser engraved branding on the lids, the robust new packs help to create the quality perception that Asda were looking for.

With a built-in tamper evident feature this further reinforces the product integrity. The sleek ‘bowl’ design allows consumers to eat directly from the pack, replicating a home-cooking experience, and with its bespoke shape the pack has its own identity, standing out on-shelf.


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