Custom injection moulded plastic

Robinson have over 40 years of expertise in the design and manufacture of custom injection moulded plastic packaging.

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Our four sites in the UK and Poland have proven abilities in managing both complex technically demanding projects, and also smaller scale, more niche assignments.

Extensive skills portfolio

We are continuously investing to keep up to date with technology, and we have a systematic plan to replace older hydraulic moulding machines with efficient all-electric versions.

The breadth of our experience is impressive and we currently offer:

Product types: Thin walled containers, hinged caps, wide mouth caps, overcaps and plugs, tamper evident tubs and lids, pudding basins, aerosol activators and overcaps, thick and thin walled jars, CRC’s, specialist mouldings and devices, multi-chamber jars.

Materials: Homo and Copolymer PP, LLDPE, HDPE, PET, Styrene’s, Polycarbonates, ABS and DuPont™ Surlyn®.

Added value options: In mould labelling (IML), post mould labelling, screen printing, inkjet printing, shrink sleeving, robotic collation and stacking.

Quick Guide

infographic-injection moulding

Injection moulding is a highly versatile, flexible, consistent process in which molten plastic is forced at high pressure into a mould cavity.

On cooling the plastic hardens to the shape of this cavity and the component can be ejected.

The process is popular and used widely as it has a number of key advantages:

  • It’s accurate – mould design means finished products are very precise
  • It’s fast – most packaging component cycle times are less than 20 seconds
  • It’s efficient – no excess material used to create the components (any waste can be ground up and re-used)
  • It’s flexible – changing materials and/or colours is simple
  • Cost effective – moulding equipment requires minimal labour input
  • Moulded parts are produced with high quality surface finishes, so no further processing is needed.

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