Robinson celebrates International Coffee Day

27.09.2016 / Blog

The 1st of October will mark this year’s International Coffee Day – where dozens of coffee lovers and brands come together to celebrate their enjoyment of the popular beverage.

In the UK, we drink approximately 70 million cups of coffee each day, so just how important is the packaging our coffee comes in? According to Business Insider, a customer will form first impressions of not only a product but an entire company in around 7 seconds, therefore a brand is represented by their product packaging and its promise to deliver a quality experience. In recent years coffee has exploded, and new blends and brands are hitting the market constantly. As a result, companies are using unique packaging in order to differentiate their products on-shelf and capture customer attention.

In today’s fast-paced world convenience matters – three quarters (74%) of all UK adults drink instant coffee (Mintel).

Nescafe Azera and Kenco Millicano are two major brands that have dominated the growing super premium (also known as wholebean instant) sector with their exciting blends and innovative packaging. In 2014, Nestle UK transferred manufacture of Azera (the hugely popular Barista style instant coffee) to their Tutbury site, which gave them the opportunity to review their packaging. Robinson’s solution for Azera was to use their in-house model making and CAD design facilities to design and develop a lighter weight injection moulded plastic overcap.

Two years later Nescafe Azera is one of the most eye-catching brands on the coffee shelf in all major retail outlets – with its bright orange lid, embossed Azera branding and limited edition tins recently designed for Nescafe by the branding agency Twelve.

case study - inject mould 2


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