Reaching your ideal packaging design quicker

16.11.2016 / Blog

Robinson’s Senior Product Designer, Graham Nolan, gives his thoughts on how you can reach your ideal design within a quicker timeframe.

Many brand owners are keen to introduce new designs to improve their current packaging. Often short deadlines are given alongside briefs with an expectation of finished solutions instantly.  Creating a product that perfectly suits your needs takes time, as rushing towards the end result is unlikely to produce great packaging.

Here are a few tips to help you achieve your ideal design solution:

  • Explore lots of options early on in the design process: Getting your ideal concept produced at the initial meeting is improbable. Be prepared to invest time at the very beginning the process rather than asking for the developed article immediately. This may feel like a slow process to begin with, but ultimately you will end up with a result that you  are happy with much quicker. For example, time may not have been devoted to rendering a design of an idea that could have been written off from the first sketch.
  • Be optimistic and open: Whilst informing designers of the technical details which may limit creativity is important and useful for a design team, it is wise to be positive about all ideas even if they challenge how the product could run or is displayed, especially  if you are looking for something that is very different from what is currently on the market. You may find yourself declining a design that you like aesthetically as it would involve changes to a line or similar aspect to run. Why not ask for that aesthetic style or feature to be brought onto your current product or to fit within your setup?
  • Get involved: Asking for some quick sketches to be presented can be an easy way to generate momentum in a project. A range of people reviewing ideas is always better than just one. You never know what could be achieved from bouncing ideas around as many people have different perspectives.

Robinson Packaging are experts in the process of design iteration, so why not challenge our team to help you add value through innovative custom packaging?