Christmas: It’s never too early when it comes to packaging

13.09.2016 / Blog

There’s often a lot of controversy surrounding how soon we should talk about the festive season, but when it comes to packaging design and production it’s important to start in advance.

 We all groan when Christmas decorations appear in the shops as soon as the children go back to school in September –  it seems that the Summer is only just over yet the tinsel is out already! But if we stop and think about it for a moment, maybe the retailers and manufacturers are only reacting to a need. We may all pretend that we dislike the  earlier and earlier arrival of Christmas but go out and do our shopping regardless. It’s a fact of life. It’s also a fact that Christmas sparks the most purchasing activity in the food sector, and everybody in the family gets involved in decisions regarding what food should be on the table. Retailers and manufacturers respond to this and the food sector sees the greatest emphasis of the year in new product development. Everyone wants to do something different for Christmas.

Of course the centrepiece of the occasion is the Christmas Pudding. Said to originate in the Middle Ages the recipe has changed very little since, but it is still a firm favourite with the nation. However, our expert design and development team can literally put a new “twist” on this iconic product through clever packaging innovation.  So if you want an eye catching pack to drive footfall, increase sales or just to be talked about, come and talk to us.