Nescafe Azera Coffee Cap

Branded Nescafe Azera coffee overcaps moulded in LLDPE.

The Brief

When Nestle UK transferred manufacture of Azera, the hugely popular Barista style instant coffee to their Tutbury site, they took the opportunity to review the packaging. Whilst the distinctive metal cans were popular with consumers, the Azera marketeers were anxious to improve the merchandising opportunities in retail outlets via better on-shelf stacking.

Our Solution

Robinson’s solution was to use our in-house CAD design and model making ability to design and develop a lighter weight overcap, with a special function which would enable to cans to be securely stacked on top of each other. We also proposed that the branding of the cap could be significantly enhanced at a low cost by adding a large embossed Azera logo on the top surface of the caps.


The dedicated tool was cleverly designed to allow Nestle to introduce other branding options for the same cap as and when different variants were to be added to the range. Robinson coordinated the commissioning of new caps and they were seamlessly phased into Tutbury, without the need for any line changes. As part of an ongoing cooperation with the local site team, the transit packaging for the caps was modified to remove the need for wooden pallets which are no longer permitted in any production areas.


“We are delighted with the new cap, and with the pro-active approach shown by Robinson throughout the project”.

Mike Peplow, Nestle.